Community Seminar

Yesterday afternoon, UP RCY conducted a Community Seminar at Isla Pulang Bato, Barangay Silangan. A talk on Disaster Preparedness handled by the Quezon City Red Cross Chapter was given. In addition, a brief First Aid Seminar was shared by UP RCY members Pat Delas Alas and Arlon Fernandez.

20 pairs of slippers were given out as part of Share-a-Shinelas.

Children's activities were also held to entertain the kids. It included story-telling and games. The members were very much delighted to share stories and play with the kids.

Thank you to the Isla Pulang Bato Community for accommodating us. Kudos to the UP RCY team. Join us on May 9th for our Medical Mission.

(photos by: Nix Alcalde and Robin Bustamante)

Blood Rush: Aftershock

This October, prepare yourself for...

The UP Red Cross Youth's Blood Rush: Aftershock dares you to survive the night this October 26, 2014 at the UP Diliman Academic Oval, 6PM.

A 9.8 magnitude has just hit and the city is at chaos. The main goal is to reach the safe zone but you have to run through a course full of injured victims as well as damaged property. And as with all disasters, time is not on your side.

You can choose the easy way out (3 km) or the hard way (5 km).

Do you have what it takes to survive the Aftershock? Grab your friends for a thrilling night fun run!

You can register online either as an:
Individual -
or a Group (there are discounts if you come in groups of 5 or 8!) -

or at the UP Red Cross Youth tambayan at Vinzons Hall, UP Diliman starting September 30, 2014.

All proceeds will go to the Dugong Bayani Blood Network of the UP Red Cross Youth, which advocates safe and free blood donation through its network of voluntary blood donors contacted through SMS and social media platforms then assisted in the correspondence with the recipient – the success of this event will make way for a larger network and for more opportunities to reach new heights in terms of blood advocacy.

A Week full of Activities

The third week of September had the UP RCY up and about. On the 16th of September, the UP RCY Month exhibit began. Set at the AS-CAL from Tuesday to Wednesday and at the AS Walk on Thursday, the exhibit boasted the projects and history of UP RCY fused with the artistic prowess of the members.

The exhibit ran for three days. It was scheduled from the 16th to the 19th. However, the untimely arrival of Typhoon Mario cancelled both the exhibit and the Sanduguan blood drive scheduled on the 19th.

As Typhoon Mario ravaged Metro Manila and entire country, classes were suspended, alert levels raised and multiple areas flooded and evacuated. The strong winds and heavy rainfall temporarily halted all activities. While Mario was wreaking havoc, UP RCY members were preparing what their course of action would be. After a few hours, they were able to cook up a plan for the Soup Kitchen.

Along with this initiative, UP RCY also partnered with the USC for IskoOps in gathering donations and repacking.

After an entire day of cooking, at around 5:30pm on September 20, members and applicants went to H. Bautista Elementary School in Marikina to distribute 600+ egg sandwiches and 140 servings of kalabasa-enriched lugaw.

We wish to thank members, alumni and applicants who helped and participated in the Soup Kitchen.

A day later, members took part in EnviRUNment: A Fun Run for a Cause for the benefit of Haribon Foundation and Typhoon Yolanda victims. Members set up a first aid booth to treat the injured and provide assistance for emergency cases. Fortunately, no severe cases occurred.

On this same day, a Rummage Sale was held at Barangay UP Campus' Barangay Hall to raise funds for UP RCY's future projects. Thank you to those who took part in the activity.

To cap the week off, the applicants' first day of First Aid Training was held at the Vinzons Activity Center on the 22nd. 

It was absolutely a Weekful of Activities.

UP Red Cross Youth Welcomes This Semester's Applicants, Batch Ultra

Room 308-310 of Palma Hall, UP Diliman was jam-packed last September 5, 2014 for the Applicants' Orientation of the 1st semester AY '14-'15!

Registration started at 5pm. Prior to the set up of the venue by the Recruitment Office, applicants were already waiting outside the venue. The program started at 5:45pm and was hosted by our very own, Randolph Pontillas. The applicant's booklet was distributed to those who were present. It contained all the necessary information regarding the application process such as the events, requirements and contact numbers of the Recruitment Office and the Training Office.

Before anything else, Christian Angelo Ongkingco, the current president of the organization was called to give a brief introduction about UP RCY and the 7 fundamental principles that the organization believes in. After that Vince Villones, the Recuritment Officer, explained some of the activities that the organization regularly conducts and the application requirements.

The Vice Presidents of each department also talked about the department they handle and gave a summary of how their respective department functions and works and how it contributed to the entire organization.

Of course, the application process will not be complete without the guest alum speaker. The Recruitment Office decided to invite no other than. Dr. Rodrigo Angelo Ong or commonly referred to as Doc Butch to be the speaker. Once again, Doc Butch made the applicants laugh and think about their principles and beliefs in life. He also shared the roots of UP RCY and how it changed dynamically but still hasn't forgotten its roots.

Doc Butch sharing his experiences 
and stories when he was an undergraduate student.

Congratulations to the Recruitment Office and the Human Resources Department for a very successful applicants' orientation! 

*Photo credits go to Nicole Alcalde

Anniversary Night Dinner

Happy 22nd Anniversary UP Red Cross Youth!

In celebration of the 22nd Anniversary of UP Red Cross Youth, members, alumni and alumnae came together and had dinner at Kenny Rogers Roasters, Katipunan last September 2, 2014.

Newly inducted members had the chance to meet alums and shared stories with each other. Alums present included El Carbonell, Airon Bonifacio, Mikaela Escano, Aaron Macauyag and Kristine Cabling, the current faculty adviser of the organization.

Everyone was happily chatting and sharing memories about UP RCY when Robin Villano arrived. He then sat down, shared stories and made everyone laugh.

Robin Villano sharing the "National Cutting Day" story.

Of course, the organization will not be what it is today without the foundation set by the alums who worked hard to spread the advocacies it stands for. The current members of the organization will push through with innovative ideas and plans to make it more dynamic and fluid at the same time. 

Mandatory group picture after dinner. 

There are more events planned by UP RCY for the month of September in celebration of their 22nd Anniversary planned by the UP RCY AdHoc Team. 

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*Photo credits go to Skyler Fuentes